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Cutting-edge insights from 40+ years of stock market research


Superior Performance built on 40+ years of Quant Research

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We regard ourselves as stock scientists,
always scratching beneath the surface and slicing data to 
identify the common threads of top performing stocks.

We invest on facts – not on opinions – as a surer means to attain superior returns."

Golden Eagle Strategies is an aggressive growth equities boutique that offers distinctive manager insights and proprietary quantitative research. Our strategy is designed to capture outsized returns over the long term. Our investment strategy is rooted in statistical analysis and principles derived from 40+ years of research honed over 9 market cycles.

We rely on statistical data to make consistent investment decisions. Fundamental research requires subjective decision making, often influenced by emotion. We have honed our investment approach over decades, without borrowing from common misconceptions of Wall Street. Investors have relied on many of the same tools for years, and yet the vast majority of managers underperform the index averages over the long term.

We approach investing differently.

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Our CIO has studied the stock market for four decades and many of his findings have been published in leading publications.