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Golden Eagle Strategies, LLC (“Golden Eagle”) is a boutique investment firm that specializes in growth equities. Our cutting-edge research, conducted over 40+ years seeking to identify the “common characteristics of top performing stocks”, has demonstrated time and time again that the highest growth leads to the highest returns. Today, we exclusively invest in Hypergrowth Stocks. This asset class was introduced in 2008 and has dramatically outperformed all equity asset classes to date.
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Our objective is simple; we seek to elevate equity returns in order to build wealth over time. Our systematic stock selection process covers all U.S. listed stocks. Our proprietary methodology is grounded on historical data, backed by 40+ years of research, and time-tested through 9 bull & 9 bear markets. We believe Golden Eagle’s Growth Strategy is the sole solution to maximizing returns by investing in hypergrowth stocks.


At Golden Eagle, we believe it is our fiduciary duty to deliver the highest possible returns to investors. As such, we seek to identify the top performing stocks regardless of their category. However, we also believe in giving back. As such, we donate a significant portion of our proceeds to the Ray of Light Scholarship Fund, a 501(c)(3) charity that seeks to change lives and enable dreams through education. Ray of Light grants scholarships to promising students of all walks of life who are experiencing significant financial hardship. Our passion for empowering students comes from our roots in teaching and coaching.