Golden Eagle Eye on the Market

Investor Hot Topics | Q2 2023

Robert Zuccaro, CIO & Founder of Golden Eagle Strategies, addresses hot topics in the investment community around potential recession, a stock market crash, the debt ceiling, and why investors should rethink keeping assets in cash.

Raising Prices Vs. Value Creation?

Q: People are starting to push back against corporations who are raising prices too high. And investors are concerned about companies who are just raising prices versus creating long-term value. Is this a problem?

Robert explains why investors should be jumping for joy because businesses are raising prices.

Impending Recession and Stock Market Crash?

Q: Many of the headlines warn of an impending recession and stock market crash. Even Warren Buffet predicts a downturn is coming. Should investors be concerned?

Robert shares his view on why you shouldn't believe the headlines pointing to a stock market crash.

Impact of Standoff on the Debt Ceiling?

Q: Recession, inflation, high interest rates, and now a standoff on the debt ceiling. NBC recently reported that the Debt limit debate endangers already fragile U.S. economic outlook. Should investors be rattled?

Robert compares current investor sentiment in the current bear market to the 2020 bear market and shares his views on the current standoff on the debt ceiling.

Is Cash King Right Now?

If you’re reading the news, you cannot miss the theme urging investors to stockpile cash. In particular, people are concerned that the stock market is set to decline if the Fed pauses interest rate hikes. What’s your take?

Robert shares his insights on interest rates, market volatility, and long-term investing.

Weakening of the U.S. Dollar?

Q: Investors cite the weakening of the U.S. dollar as a potential factor that will drag down the stock market. How do you see a weakening dollar impacting the prospects for the stock market?

Robert shares his view on whether the weakening dollar could be a factor in dragging down market performance.