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The Power of Aggressive Growth Stocks

History has proven the aggressive growth style generates the highest returns of all major asset classes over time. Yet, few investors research, own or discuss this investment style. Our mission is to increase awareness of this specialized asset class.
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Five Reasons to Invest in Aggressive Growth Stocks

Every investor should consider including aggressive growth stocks in their portfolio allocation mix in order to generate:
  • Superior long-term returns
  • In a liquid asset class
  • To amplify portfolio returns
  • And build wealth over time
  • While hedging against inflation

1. Outperforms Major Asset Classes

History has demonstrated that the aggressive growth investment style has proven to be the most rewarding style over the past 60+ years. It generates superior market returns through high returns that compound as volatility smooths out over time.

2.  Highly Liquid Asset Class

Across all asset classes, the highest performing asset classes are stocks, private equity, and venture capital. Of these three, stocks are the easiest to access and most liquid. Within stocks, aggressive growth produces returns comparable to private equity and venture capital yet, again, is far more liquid.

3. Amplifies Portfolio Returns

An investor would have increased annualized returns by 1.1% by allocating 10% of the portfolio to aggressive growth 15 years ago. Returns increase with an even higher allocation to aggressive growth.

4. Builds Wealth Over Time

Aggressive growth can amplify portfolio returns over time, however very few people are aware of this subsegment of growth. Consider a $100 investment would have grown to $170,000 vs $72,381 for growth stocks, $55,725 for the S&P, and just $26,700 for value. In fact, aggressive growth has outperformed growth in each of the past six decades.

5. Hedge Against Inflation

While many investors exit growth stocks during periods of high inflation, staying invested has proved to be an effective hedge against inflation. Consider that inflation spiked from 3.3% in 1972, rising to a peak of 12.5% by the end of 1980. During this period, inflation increased 95%. The aggressive growth investment style was the only style to outdistance inflation by advancing 130% during this period.

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