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How Wall Street Reshaped America's Destiny
Without Wall Street, the United States might not have led the industrial revolution, or won two World Wars...

How Wall Street Reshaped America’s Destiny is the first book to identify and interrelate five of the principal themes essential to understanding why Wall Street is essential for national security and prosperity. This book takes you on a journey to understand:

  • How Wall Street has been instrumental in raising capital in every era of innovation from the 1820s through today
  • Why few local and state governments would be able to provide the same level of public services without Wall Street
  • How Wall Street played an indispensable role in raising money for every major war effort, starting with the American Revolution
  • Why Wall Street has made possible the introduction of new goods and services, which leads to job creation and greater prosperity for all
  • How the consolidated U.S. stock market grew to account for about 50 percent of total worldwide equity assets
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